Whether you are a novice or not in the sports betting industry, especially in horse racing, you may ask for some ideas on how to win big on betting. If placing wagers in Asia, you can look for Malaysia horse racing tips to wager wisely and safely. 

Anyone who has ever bet on horse racing or other sports will tell you their ideas, or if not, you can always look for reputable sites that have sports betting blogs you can always rely on. 

Some sports bettor wants to win big in sports betting. In particular, they also want to replicate past bettors’ winnings who have accumulated big winnings in history. To do that, you need to be lucky and start your Malaysia or Singapore sports bet journey. To help you, these are some of the biggest parlays bet in history. 

Steve Whitely

Around March 2011, a heating engineer named Steve Whitely from North Tawton visited an Exeter racecourse and placed his bet on the Tote Jackpot, winning approximately £1,445,671.71. 

Just by predicting the six winners on the card, you will win a jackpot. As easy as it may seem, this is challenging in parlays bets since not all bettors can correctly select the winning numbers all at once. On the contrary, Steve Whitely randomly chose the six bets on random, which made him accumulate the largest bet wins in the history of parlays.

Anonymous Bettor

In the past, many anonymous bettors won significantly. One of them is the one who risked placing a bet on a 12-leg parlay. In history, it was one of the most impressive parlay bets ever. 

To name, six of the twelve legs were favorites, four were underdogs, and two were tied. These outcomes are unlikely to result in a win. However, one bettor who chose these ended up winning $8 and earning $966,290.

Winning big in sports betting is possible; if you want to know more about the biggest parlay bets in history, you can continue reading this infographic from CM2Bet.

Biggest Parlay Bet Wins in History