The popularity of rummy is increasing with each passing day. More Indians are playing rummy than before, thanks to online rummy platforms. People who have never played rummy before, are also trying their hand at online rummy. We play rummy to win, it’s that simple. Winning a game of online rummy isn’t difficult, but it also isn’t that easy as playing a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Rummy is a game of skills, and you can win a game of online rummy with skills, and also with the following tips:

  1. Make a Pure Sequence

The single most important part of any rummy game, is to make a Pure sequence. Make a group of 3 running cards of the same suit, if you’ve already got them in your initial cards, otherwise build it. Only after this, should you focus on other things.

  1. Discard the High-value cards

First, ensure that your high-value cards couldn’t be melded into any sequence or set. If not, then you should discard them first. This is to ensure you remain with the least possible deadwood points, in case your opponent declares first. 

  1. Use Joker card wisely

We don’t mean the Joker face card here, although that could be too. Every rummy game has a random card as the ‘wild-card joker’. All 4 suits of it become the joker card, plus the printed jokers too. Use these cards wisely as they can be used to form any set or sequence (of course impure sequence). Prioritise using the joker card first to form a set/sequence of higher value cards then any lower value cards.

  1. Observe then Confuse your Opponents

To win in online rummy, you should not just play rummy with your cards, but also keep an eye on what your opponent is doing. Remember, your aim is to do a valid show before your opponent does. Observe the cards they pick and discard, this will give you an idea about their cards, which ones they want, which cards you shouldn’t discard, etc. knowing all this, you can then confuse your opponents into believing something else about your cards, and forcing them into mistakes, like discarding cards that you want!

  1. Make strategies and adapt

Use strategies to beat your opponent in doing a valid show. The best is to make your strategies instead of the ones you read somewhere. Players usually play a defensive, aggressive style, or an intermittent style of play. Use one and keep adapting as per your opponent’s play and your game plan to beat them.

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