The last few months have radically changed the life of everyone, without exception, in every corner of the globe. The digital world has supported real life, becoming a very important resource. The world of online casinos and games has also changed due to increased demand at the expense of traditional slots and land-based casinos. Just consult a guide for Italian users to the various slot games, to understand how the movement of online gaming has undergone profound transformations. 

The online casino has inherited all the expectations of those looking for fun in the world of slots and, in the absence of open physical structures, they have poured into those active on the web. The most popular physical casinos from Venice to Las Vegas have had to deal with the pandemic, the big names of the web have welcomed thousands of new users.

The transition from physical to online casinos was already underway, covid has stepped on the accelerator and 2021 is looming as an increasingly technological year. Casinos always remain at the base of the gambling planet, but they are no longer central as in previous years and months.

Playing online is more and more enjoyable and easy also thanks to the technology that has innovated and speeded up both connections and devices. Today we browse much faster and games are increasingly interactive and intuitive thanks to dedicated applications that have moved digital gaming from the classic PC to the latest generation smartphones. For the player, the gaming experience is certainly different. 

You go from the real room to the virtual one but the games are mostly identical to those of the traditional casino. In fact, there is no shortage of baccarat and online roulette as well as the popular blackjack. A notable advantage is the free access to the games, being the majority in the free version. Playing for free with likes of 888 casino bonus encourages players who can test the different games without investing practically nothing in the initial phase.

2022 will be a year full of expectations, of news. Online casinos are working to improve their mobile version more and more, to make gaming operations safer, more and more in line with the stringent regulations governing gaming in Italy. The boom of live online casinos is expected in 2022, which recreate the atmosphere of a physical casino. 

They offer live games where the real dealer animates the game. The croupier is framed by the cameras and the challenge is proposed live. The player follows the game, observes the dealer, communicates with the operation through the chat. The game experience is very realistic, engaging and rewarding.

In 2022 there is also great anticipation for virtual reality which is created using a helmet or VR viewer connected to the computer, which takes the player into virtual environments. You can “touch” the money on the table and the playing cards. The user “enters” the casino but physically returning to the place from which he connects.