The odds for the 2021 F1 Championship are out,which means all bettors can start betting on their favorites. Although the 2020 season was a short one due to the pandemic, the 2021 F1 Championship is coming with a 23 race slate. 

Just like any other game, the hype for F1 racing is always nerve-wracking. If you’re not a die-hard fan of F1 racing, then all it’s going to take is one match to change your perception. Bettors worldwide wait for the F1 Championship odds to place their bets as early as possible. 

Let’s get to the most important part without wasting anytime. 

2021 Formula 1 Championship 

Formula 1 Championship refers to a motor racing championship held between Formula One cars. The championship includes open-wheel racing cars,and the event is recognized by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). 

About 22 Grands Prix are held between the contestants around the world to declare a champion. The teams and drivers involved in the racing competition fight to get the World Constructor’s Champion and World Driver’s Champion, respectively. 

Formula 1 2021 Championship Odds 

The odds have been released, so all bettors can start to place their bet as early as they can. You can bet on F1 Constructor’s Championship and F1 Driver’s Championship both. 

It’s no surprise that Lewis Hamilton is on top of the list with his remarkable performance. He is bettor’s favorite as compared to Valterri Bottas, Max Verstappen, and all other racers. 

Winner’s Odds for 2021 Formula 1 Championship

Here are the odds for the 2021 F1 Driver’s Championship, but don’t expect them to stay the same for a long time. 

  • Lewis Hamilton -300 
  • Max Verstappen +500 
  • Valtteri Bottas +900 
  • Sergio Perez +2000 
  • Charles Leclerc +3300 
  • Daniel Ricciardo +5000 
  • George Russell +5000 
  • Fernando Alonso +8000 
  • Carlos Sainz Jr. +10000 
  • Lando Norris +10000 
  • Sebastian Vettel +10000 
  • Lance Stroll +15000 
  • Esteban Ocon +20000 
  • Pierre Gasly +25000 
  • Yuki Tsunoda +50000 
  • Kimi Raikkonen +75000 
  • Mick Schumacher +75000 
  • Antonio Giovinazzi +200000 
  • Nicholas Latifi +300000 
  • Nikita Mazepin +300000

Winner’s Odds for 2021 F1 Constructors’ Championship

Coming to the 2021 F1 Constructor’s Championship odds, there’s no surprise that Mercedes is every bookmaker’s favorite for the season. Here are the odds for it:

  • Mercedes -600
  • Red Bull +350
  • Ferrari +1400
  • Aston Martin +6600
  • Alpine +8000
  • McLaren +10000
  • AlphaTauri +50000
  • Alfa Romeo +100000
  • Haas +100000
  • Williams +150000

All You Need to Know About Betting on F1 Championship

Now that you know the odds let’s discuss betting for the 2021 F1 World Championship. 

Since Lewis Hamilton is a favorite for the season, you will either be betting on him or against him during this championship. Hamilton is way ahead of his competition, so most of the money on Driver’s Championships will go to his name. 

However, the odds are not permanent and can change at any time. So if you’re expecting Hamilton to win the game, the best thing is to bet on him as soon as the odds are out – which is now! 

Looking at the past races and competitions, one can think that Hamilton is winning this championship, but what if there’s a surprise?All it takes is one racer to put his mind to success with his foot on the accelerator to change the whole scenario of the game. You can make an assumption based on the available data, but you can never be sure if the game’s outcome will be as you expect it. 

Only the F1 season will be able to confirm if Hamilton is winning the game or not! 

Although the Brit has won four championships in a row, can Max Verstappen stand up against him this season?

For bettors, don’t worry; you will get more than one opportunity to win on your favorite player. Don’t forget about the 23 Grand Prix to bet all you want. One racer will not win every other match, so remember that some drivers can perform well on a few tracks. 

If you look at the data from 2000, you can see that no racer has won five times in a row since Michael Schumacher in 2000. If you are betting on Hamilton, then you’re betting on him to make history in 2021. 

Top Picks and Predictions for 2021 F1 Championship

If you’re wondering about picks and predictions, then here are some for you to start betting on the 2021 F1 Championship. 

Hamilton to Win 2021 F1 Driver’s Championship

Hamilton is on top of the list when it comes to winning the championship this year. The odds for him winning the game are unmatchable, and nobody is expected to dominate him. Hamilton is worth taking the risk for if you’re betting on the game. 

Mercedes to Win F1 Constructor’s Championship

Mercedes is expected to win the F1 Constructor’s Championship in 2021 with the best driver in their team. Mercedes have the power, the speed, and the driver to win the championship this year. 

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