Betting on soccer and horse races is popular in Singapore, and many bettors frequent Singapore Pools, an online Singapore casino, or illegal bookmakers. All three can satisfy a gambler’s needs in one way or another, but Singapore Pools is the only legal betting option in the country.

Singapore Pools is a state-owned lottery subsidiary company that offers sports betting in addition to lotteries. Singapore Pools aims to combat illegal gambling activities in the country and prevent bettors from betting through illegal bookmakers. Singapore Pools’ primary offerings are 4D, Toto, and Singapore Sweep while also offering football betting, horse racing, and motor racing options.

Singapore Pools can also combat online betting through its remote gambling offerings. Online betting is technically illegal under the Remote Gambling Act, but Singapore Pools was exempted from the law in 2016 to allow bettors to bet online without resorting to online casinos.

Many gamblers still prefer betting online through online casinos and foreign sportsbooks despite these options. This is because people usually have more options when betting online, including casino games, different betting markets, additional sports offerings, and others. Many sports bettors still prefer betting through foreign sportsbooks due to the different advantages present with them. Among them are the following:

  • More betting options
  • Promos and bonuses
  • Allows 18-year-olds to gamble

Young rookie bettors can start checking a SG horse racing schedule with a foreign sportsbook when they’re 18, while Singapore Pools only allows 21-year-olds and up to bet.

Betting through online casinos and sportsbooks is still illegal under the Remote Gambling Act, so bettors will still violate the law when doing so. However, the betting site won’t get in trouble when Singaporeans gamble through them, and only the bettor is at risk. Bettors should bet at home without other people betting with them or bet with a trusted group of friends, not including seasoned gamblers or strangers. It’s also preferable to bet alone in a private place and not anywhere that can be classified as a common gaming house.

For more information, read this infographic by CM2Bet.