Sports betting is a very popular form of gambling, whether it’s online through sites or in-person at the local bookie shop, or even wagering on games with friends. However, for many people who are new to sports betting there are several risks associated with increasing your exposure to loss.

Here are seven easy ways to reduce your sports betting risk.

Set a Budget

When you first start out wagering it can be extremely exciting. But, excitement can sometimes lead to taking unnecessary risks, so being responsible and setting yourself an allowance is the first step towards reducing your risk of losing money.

You should also consider setting yourself some guidelines to follow, such as not betting more than 10% of your current bankroll on a single game.

Establish Guidelines

Establishing guidelines to follow before placing your wager at, say, a sports betting singapore-based site, is extremely important because it helps you maintain an organized approach to sports betting.

For example, if you are looking to only bet on games in which the point spread is within five points, then your wager should be strictly based on this number. If you were to play by “feel” you could risk losing your entire bankroll because it’s possible that you may take a chance on many large underdogs during one week, but would have won if you played it safe.

Don’t Chase Losses Cut Your Losses and Walk Away

If you lose a game, don’t sit around and hope that the team rebounds or that you’ll win back your money quickly. Nothing good will come from this, only more losses and a lower bankroll that will lead to even bigger losses down the road. Cut your losses quickly and walk away from the game.

Focus on Value

Value is one of the most important concepts in sports betting. By focusing on value, you’re putting yourself in a position where you have a positive expectation of winning, which means you’ll make money in the long run.

If you can find value bets that give you more than a 2% chance to win, then it’s worth investing in them. Don’t chase bad value bets or wager on favourites. Instead focus on finding the best possible opportunities for making money.

Look for Good Money Management Systems

There are many different systems out there for managing your money in sports betting. A few of the most popular ones include Kelly Criterion and Fibonacci numbers.

These systems can help you determine how much to risk and when to walk away, so take some time and research them in order to find the right fit for you.

Stick With What You Know

It is extremely important to stick to what you know when betting on sports because it will help you reduce your sports betting risk immensely.

For example, if you are playing in an office pool or against your friends, then there is no reason to try and get fancy with your wager. However, if you were placing wagers on games for a living, it may be in your best interest to try and find situations that have a low chance of occurring.

Since professional gamblers are well-versed in betting on anything, it would help you stick with what you know to avoid placing outlandish wagers that could result in losing your entire bankroll.

Have Fun Don’t Let it Become Work

Sports betting should be fun, so if you’re taking it too seriously by following strict rules and letting it ruin your day every time you lose then you need to re-evaluate how much of this is actually about the gambling.

Remember, even professional gamblers experience losses on a regular basis, and they’re no less happy. If you’re interested in sports betting then do it because you enjoy the sport, not for the money.


If you’re new to sports betting, it’s important to understand the risks associated with increasing your exposure to loss. One of these is that many people who are new to this form of gambling don’t know how odds work or what a point spread means.

In order not to fall victim to these pitfalls, make sure you educate yourself on the basics and take time before placing any bets and play only at a reputable sports betting singapore-based site. This will help keep your risk low while still having fun wagering on sporting events!