The credit at the credit score meter in สล็อต is saved for your browser’s cookies to your tough drive. If your browser’s safety placing disallows cookies, the video games will now no longer be capable of shop your credit. Also, in case you use a privateer’s application that erases your cookies, it’ll reset the credit score meter.

To guard your credit, you have to press the sweepstakes button to add them to the server every time you’ve got lots of credit at the credit score meter. Make positive you do that earlier than changing your pc or re-putting in the running system.

What browser you used to play these games?

If you’ve got an antique browser (Internet Explorer eight or lower) that does not assist HTML5, a Java model of the video games will attempt to load instead. You may see the message “Application Blocked with the aid of using Security Settings” when you have a new edition of Java that does not paintings with our slots. Try the use of Google Chrome, an unfastened net browser that does not want Java to play the video games.

How do I alternate my email deal with? 

You can log in and press the “Edit account” button, then edit the “E-Mail Address” line. If you have already created a brand new account with the brand new email deal with, you will want to alternate the brand new account to any other deal with to get it out of the manner so that you can alternate the antique account to the brand new deal with.

After you exchange your email deal with, the popularity show for sweepstakes entries these days and this month will now no longer display your preceding entries that have been made beneathneath the antique email deal with. Don’t worry; the entries are nonetheless within side the sweepstakes. The account handiest presentations entries submitted with the modern-day email deal with.

How can a 2d man or woman gambling at the equal pc input the sweepstakes separately?

The 2d participant has to create their very own account with the aid of using urgent the “Create new account” button. When you log in with the sweepstakes button, it fills within side the blanks with the ultimate man or woman who logged in, so in case you were not the ultimate man or woman to log in, you will want to alternate it on your very own account.