One of the biggest challenges for youth soccer coaches is to find enough time to coach individual players and give them real-world experience. Although scrimmages against other teams can be helpful, it is not possible to give your players enough attention. You can incorporate small-sided soccer games into your practice.

Small-sided soccer games are great for practice because you can make up games even when you don’t have many players. Some teams may not have enough players to begin with, especially for young teams. Even if a few players aren’t there for practice, you can still have a great time with those that are.

Here are six reasons you should use small-sided soccer in your practice.

More touches on the ball

Your players’ ability to move with the ball is the key to your team’s success as a youth soccer coach. You can only help your players to feel more comfortable running and turning with a ball.

You can create games with fewer players per side and give your children the chance to practice their dribbling skills. They will feel more at ease the more they play.

Better Game Decisions

Your players will never learn how to make smart decisions during game play. Your players will learn to quickly make decisions in a way that is similar to real games if you allow them to play more of these situations.

Having these kinds of practice opportunities is a huge advantage because your players can make good decisions even when the outcome may not be as important. It doesn’t matter if a player makes an error, it is just a game. They won’t take that chance to make a mistake during a game if they don’t have the practice.

Positioning: A better understanding

Your youth soccer players will learn more about how different positions work together to support each other. They will be able to better understand how to move to make space or provide support to other players.

You can tell players where and how to move but they won’t really get it until they do it in real life.

More Important Playing Time

Repetition is key live score for youth soccer players. Through practice, they learn how to shoot. Through practice, they learn how to play defense. Your players will develop their skills faster if they have more time to play soccer.

There are more opportunities for defense and offense

Many young players are so obsessed with offense that they don’t even think about defense. Some players feel so comfortable playing defense they don’t want to play offense. To make your team successful, you must teach your players to play both sides of the ball.

You will see more transitions between defense and offense when you play with smaller teams. This helps your players learn how to make the transition and contribute to the team’s efforts, regardless of who has possession.

There are more opportunities to make plays

Some players are naturally aggressive and will create their own opportunities for playmaking. While other players might have the ability to contribute, they lack the confidence and the skill to make the plays when they get the chance. To help these players, it is important to provide them with plenty of practice opportunities to build their confidence. All of your players will have more chances to make significant plays if they are given more touches.