Cryptocurrency trading is not a strange activity as this seems to be a popular trend that everyone wants to jump on. Just like the constant movements of the stock market can be leveraged in an attempt to make a profit, the cryptocurrency market is also in such a constant and unpredictable movement. Trading in this market will require some understanding of how the market works. 

Picking up trading skills will help to minimize the risk of running at a loss every time you engage in cryptocurrency trading.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Techniques And Strategies 

Range Trading 

A range trader trades within a cryptocurrency’s price range and places stops on their own. They don’t care if they are trading the range at its all-time high or its bottom since they’re just buying the range’s bottom with a stop and selling the range’s top. For example, if a cryptocurrency has resistance at $100 and support at $60, the trader will buy in the $60 level and sell in the $100 level.

Cryptocurrency Scalping

Scalping involves making extremely quick transactions. The objective is to maintain a steady earning stream. Profits will be taken fast, and losses will be reduced just as rapidly. You might trade every few minutes, or you could only scalp a few positions every day. Make sure you look for attractive trade setups, not just any trade. You should be able to go both long and short at intervals. 

Position Trading 

This seems to be the easiest form of trading, but it also demands a great deal of discipline. Position trading is similar to a scaled-up version of swing trading or the trading equivalent of investing. You’ll aim to build/take a long position low or a short position high, and then hold it for weeks, months, or even years. You must persevere through the wild ups and downs, bear and bull markets, good and bad news, and keep your eye on the ball in cryptocurrency. Historically, Bitcoin has proven to be the best cryptocurrency for position trading or hodling. 

Algorithm Trading 

Trading options based on pre-set rules programmed into a computer are known as algorithmic trading methods. When specific circumstances are satisfied, a trader creates code that initiates trades on behalf of the trader or investor. Algorithm trading helps minimize the impact of the market movement on trade. This method also ensures that the decisions made around trade are based on rules and not emotions. You can learn more about algorithm trading on OSOM Finance

Day Trading 

Day trading is exactly what it sounds like. It’s similar to scalping but instead of making trades every few minutes, you make them every day. In a single day, a day trader could scalp, trade the range, or even conduct short-term position trades. They are day traders since they don’t hold their positions for several days.


Different traders have the trading methods which they are most comfortable with. The method a trader will adopt is not and should not be determined by the ease with which it can be implemented or its popularity. Instead, it should be determined by the adaptability of that trading method to the trader’s style and how well the trader has mastered the method.