Poker hands get rated in accordance with the likelihood of a player receiving them. The fact that equivalent poker hands get rated according to players who hold the highest valued cards is no denying. And it’s regarded as the stronger hand.

One who is willing to learn poker basics can learn the poker hands by using the memory device, which is better known as mnemonic. However, to emerge and rise as a poker pro, it is imperative to delve into this post and learn the nitty-gritties of poker hand essentials. Only then can you augment the chances of winning the games. So, what are poker hand runs?

Outlining the Hand Run from Lowest to Highest

When you intend to play poker live, you need to learn the hierarchy. Beginners might think it’s daunting. But after a comprehensive outlook on them, it becomes not only seamless but also intriguing. Let’s learn all possible poker hands from lowest to highest:

  • Royal Flush: Five cards that rank 10 to Ace, but they are composed of the same suit. It happens to be the one and only unbeatable hand.
  • Pair: Thishand contains cards comprising a matching pair
  • Two Pair: This hand encompasses a total of two matched card pairs
  • Three-of-a-Kind: It’s the hand that includes three cards that are identically-ranked
  • Straight: It comprises a total of five unsuited cards in a consecutive order
  • Flush: This hand involves five cards encompassing the same suit
  • Full House: This is a hand that includes a pair & a three-of-a-kind (i.e., identically ranked three cards)
  • Four of a Kind: It contains four cards that are identically-ranked
  • Straight Flush: It comprises five cards of the same suit that too in a consecutive order

Understand What Low-Value Poker Hands Are?

You need to remember the order of four hands of lowest-value – 0, 1, 2, and 3!

Here, 0 refers to the high card. When you have nothing in your hand, it just means the value of the hand depending on the higher card value. Always remember that in poker games, aces always rank high, and 2’s are low-ranked cards.

One means a pair. Any hand that includes a single card pair and nothing else is 1. On this 2 means two pairs, and it’s a hand that comprises two pairs of cards. Now, three means three of a kind, and probably, the most valuable low-value hand.

What Do You Mean By High-Value Poker Hands?

To demonstrate high-value hands, this post shall take all the hands except for the low valued ones as high-value hands. However, a multitude of poker strategists shall consider this fact. Take the most straight example of this “/” symbol. It means the current mnemonic string is “0, 1, 2, 3, and /.”

Memorizing the order will be easier when you can count the number of letters in the name. It’s just made easier by remembering the fact that the letter numbers will increase as you move the scale-up! Let’s present the overview.

  • Five means the word flush contains a total of five letters.
  • Nine means that the word house will contain nine letters.
  • Eleven means that the words “four of a kind” comprise 11 letters.
  • 13 means the words “straight flush” encompass 13 letters.
  • 18 means the words “royal straight flush” have eighteen letters.

When you put them together, the mnemonic is:

“0 >> 1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 5 >> 9 >> 11 >> 13 >> 18.”

Besides implementing this easy hack, you can also use the following tactics to demonstrate what hand can beat other hands. Let’s dive into the ways then! So, if you want to be a poker pro, you need to learn what poker buttons, ante, blinds, and straddles are. On this note, here’s explaining them.

Poker Button

The button, more specifically the dealer, represents the poker hand. Both live and online poker games use the dealer in order to let the player know.

Poker Blinds & Straddles

Poker pros talk about ‘blinds’. Blinds are forced bets, forcing force actions in a game. The small blind gets paid by players to the immediate left of a dealer. On the contrary, the big blind is twice the size of a small blind. It gets paid by the player to the left of that small blind.

Talking about the straddle, it’s the voluntary bet that gets made in the cash games besides the blinds. As a matter of fact, the straddles happen to be common in live cash games. However, they are available even at online games too.


Antes happen to be similar to blinds, and they have forced bets that are placed before each hand’s start. They are common in tournament poker.

So, these are the basic knowledge an intermediate poker player should learn to enhance the gaming and optimize the chances of winning the game.