Every sport in our country has different degrees of fanaticism and popularity. But when it comes to the craziness and popularity of cricket, there is one sport that has taken the cake. In India, cricket is especially one of the favourite sports of fans. Even in the field of cricket, there is a national league called the Indian Premier League or IPL, which has been very popular for many years. One of the reasons it becomes important is that players from different countries play together for different teams. IPL teams are named after some popular cities and states in India, such as Chennai (CSK), Punjab (KXIP), Kolkata (KKR), Hyderabad (SRH), Bangalore (RCB), Mumbai (MI), Delhi (DC) and Rajasthan (RR). Now people can not only watch IPL but also participate in IPL and play cricket fantasy league online and earn money. The official cricket of the IPL fantasy league has become very famous but how does it work? Therefore, the user can select the game to be played on that specific date. Users can form a team before the start of the competition. The user can choose from 22 players who will participate in that particular game. If the user selects a player who did not participate in the game, the player will not be counted in user points. The user will select their team and choose their captain and deputy captain. Scores are multiplied based on captain and deputy captain and selected players. Users can see the real-time scores of the teams there and their total scores among all other participants. It is mostly played by cricket fans, but now even non-cricket fans are showing interest in the game. Many people entered this virtual world and showed great interest in learning to play this game. Fantasy cricket not only allows people to watch the game, but it can also be a part of it. This is an online platform where people can use their gaming skills and experience for fun and recognition. It allows a person to realize his dream about playing cricket, which is difficult to achieve in daily life. After you become familiar with the game, you can even get a lot of bonuses. Fantasy League games have many benefits. 

  • Winning chance: The IPL Fantasy League game not only provides a platform for playing games but also allows one person to win cash prizes. You can form a group by selecting and adding different players, and win cash prizes by making accurate and correct guesses. People who play these games have a chance to win the products they are passionate about. People can earn daily or weekly, or they can use the winning amount to buy things from your online store for redemption. Some stages allow people to earn virtual money.
  •  Improve your dynamic abilities and fulfil your wishes: In the IPL Fantasy League, a person needs to use his brain to choose his team between the ongoing matches and provide funds at the right time. Similarly, if you like to play cricket, especially IPL, but have never had the opportunity to play on the court or in an authoritative manner, now you can solve your wish by playing Fantasy IPL on the Internet. In addition, many people in India have good information about cricket, but they have never had the opportunity to share their knowledge through virtual game alternatives that people can share on the Internet.
  • Profitable games: Unlike other online games, it does not waste your time, but takes up your time and energy in a productive way. 
  •  Owner Experience: It helps you build a team within a given budget, just like team selection during an IPL auction. Therefore, it provides a real user experience and makes this game more interesting.
  • Legally binding: these online leagues are real and subject to legal restrictions. So the league is trustworthy and people can place legal bets on these apps. There is a set of IPL Fantasy League rules that can benefit from IPL Fantasy League games. 
  • Increase the fun: users can even choose their 11 players from two-game teams. In other words, they can combine different players from two teams.
  • Currency and non-currency games: Users of the game can play it just for fun without spending money, or even spend money to create a group that provides a specific entrance fee for each member of the group. 

There are multiple opinions (positive and negative) about these virtual games. There are more and more criticisms of these games, but the ultimate utility of this game is unparalleled. These virtual platforms have been tested and improved day by day, and have been able to gain the trust of the public. Many virtual platforms support this type of game strategy, but users must verify the credibility of the platform by themselves. As the demand for these virtual platforms continues to increase, there are also digital security risks, as many fraudulent websites/app fraud cases have been exposed recently. However, the innovation introduced by these platforms is unparalleled, and this innovation will bring revolutionary changes to gaming platforms in India and the world. People should treat these games as entertainment rather than speculation. Playing these games blindly and not having a lot of knowledge about the sport or the players can lead to losses because of the money involved in the game. This online platform recommends not investing too much money in these games; we should treat them with a relaxed mind and a strong mind. These games can only be played by users who clearly understand their risks. They are more authentic. People should treat these games as entertainment rather than speculationNowadays online platforms provide the best fantasy cricket games experience online to the participants So we can conclude that IPL fantasy league not only helps the participant to earn money but also improves the decision making and makes the overall experience of watching match more exciting and interesting for the participant. Moreover, such games have become a source of escape from the daily mundane life chores.