You have to buy the right type of basketball to play the best of the games. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a recreational street ball game or outdoor court game or pickup game with friends and acquaintances. The right ball would make the difference. There are a lot of variations between outdoor basketball and indoor basketball. There are certain tips you need to keep in mind to buy the best one that suits your requirement and provides the best worth for your money. 

  • Durability

The material used for manufacturing the ball is what sets it apart from the other balls sold in the market. The material decides the kind of wear and tear it could withstand while you are playing with the ball continuously. The rubber material could withstand very rough and hard surfaces. The leather ball would wear out when used in the same place.

 If you are looking for a ball that doesn’t cost you a fortune but also provides the same levels of efficiency as that of the rubber ball, then you need to go for leather composite. This is a type of leather that is produced by mixing with other materials. It gives leather-like finish but with good durability features. Check if the composite leather ball comes with a label that says for outdoor use only. 

  • Grip Levels 

The grip of the basketball decides how well the player could control the movement of the ball. The grip levels of the ball should be in such a way that it doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort to the player. 

Don’t correlate comfort levels with the grip. A rubber ball might seem less comfortable when compared to the other balls but it provides some of the best grip levels. The texture of the leather ball is great but it takes a little time for you to master the grip levels before you play with the ball. A composite leather ball is in the middle ground.

  • Size and Weight 

 It is always preferred to use the size prescribed by the league. You could also make use of the guides available online or pick the right basketball size according to your age. When you use the right-sized basketball, it enables you to shoot right. 

  • Cost

 It is a good fact that indoor basketball cost less when compared to its indoor counterparts. This is mainly due to the materials used. However, sometimes it might cost a bit higher due to the premium materials which is used for the inner layers of the basketball. 

 There are a lot of other factors like colour and maintenance methods. But these are some of the most important ones you need to keep in mind to buy the best outdoor basketballOne maintenance tip is to ensure the ball is always clean and have an air pump handy to maintain the pressure levels.