Several nations were hit in various ways by a nationwide shutdown during the coronavirus, leading to lost jobs, serious financial issues, and other constantly looming challenges.
Although, some sectors have struggled, others are witnessing a surge in commercial activity.
Shutdown means more leisure time, which translates to more couch time. This had a significant influence, particularly on the global betting and gambling sector. 

The global gaming business has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The entire gambling and casino industry was also impacted by the stoppage of athletic activities.
Since then, all the casinos in Malaysia and betting industry has shifted to online betting and live casinos.

The best online games to play right now with your friends (or foes) in Malaysia are Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Wars, Faro, Four Card Poker, Let It Ride, Mississippi Stud were all forced to close due to the disease outbreak.

Source: OPPABET – Malaysia’s Most Trusted Community of Online Casino

The online gambling business, on the other hand, has seen a spike in popularity. The outbreak and subsequent lockdown resulted in a rise in traffic to casino and gambling websites. In fact, because folks were bored at home and had nothing to do, many tested their luck at betting on online slots or other live dealer games. Many online casino sites gained new members, while older players also made an effort to gamble online, indicating a fundamental upheaval in the way the conventional gambling sector used to operate.

Malaysia continues to have a relatively low number of new COVID-19 patients every day. The growing pandemic, though, continues to have a significant impact on the community. Many diverse hobbies and businesses have been forced to shut down. But this hasn’t hindered one important industry — the Malaysian gambling Industry. As part of the national shut down in April, all physical gambling and betting locations such as the Genting highlands were shut. Malaysia’s sidewalks were as calm as ever beginning on April 7th and lasting through much of May.  

This has resulted in the emergence of an entirely new sector, particularly in Malaysia and Singapore. Following the April lockdown, according to recent news, the Asian country has seen the emergence of an entirely new and upcoming sector. There has been a surge of trustable and innovative online casinos and gambling websites in the Malaysian online casino sector. 

Some people have been lucky with these online gambling websites like the two players from Sabah who decided to try their luck on online casinos in the pandemic when they were bored and spending their time idle on their couches. They found a website named OPPABET, which is a trusted, authorised, real-time, online slot gambling platform with quick and real-time winnings placed into an online account and simply withdrawable into Banks in Malaysia. So, they sign up and get the highest  bonus casino in Malaysia. It was a bit difficult for them to start betting at first and they did lose some money but they were quick to learn due to the easy options and feature of the website.
Once they got around this whole online gambling thing, they were able to earn some big jackpots and ultimately the biggest lottery of their dreams.

Two Highest Casino Winners from Sabah & Kuala Lumpur won over all total of RM22.9 million
on November 15 and 28, respectively. According to a Spokesperson, the first jackpot winner from Sabah earned the RM17.5 million Jackpot with an online slot machine. When receiving his money, the 71-year-old recipient, a businessman, informed that this was a surprising jackpot during this difficult time ravaged by the Covid-19 disease outbreak. 

“My wife and I began playing online casino games 20 years ago, but we are not die-hard fans, so we only wager when we feel positive and fortunate,” he stated. “My wife is my goddess of fortune because she was the one who urged me to play the online slot machine games on that day,” he added. 

The winner told the interviewer that he found out about the fantastic news the next day while viewing the online game results on his smartphone. “We have agreed to use a portion of our rewards to assist individuals in Sabah who have been adversely affected by the disease outbreak by contributing to charitable organisations and front-liners who have worked valiantly to protect this country,” he continued. 

The winner played an online slot game and earned a massive RM17,534,807.75, plus an extra RM2,016. 

On November 28, a businesswoman from Kuala Lumpur became the second winning bidder of the RM5.3 million jackpot. The 53-year-old winner in a recent interview said that she was very lucky “Because I don’t gamble regularly, I consider myself quite fortunate to have won the prize,” she added, saying that she will store her riches for a rainy day. She purchased a System 5 ticket, which netted her RM5,342,174.90 plus an extra RM1.008. 

And this is how the gambling industry was helpful for people in these times of hardships and financial crisis. More leisure time equates to more time for online gambling, which is only logical in a country that is home to two of the worlds’ most famous casinos. For instance, you can now wager on the number of new COVID-19 instances reported each day. Furthermore, the development of gaming in connection with the health problem increases the number of customers involved in this type of betting as an object of wagering in the e-sport betting industry. 

The concern now is whether the business can keep up with the growing money from new gambling members. Or will they return to square one once a vaccination is available on the market? Only time will tell.