Most people argue that American basketball or football is considered to be the most popular sport. People also debate about the most popular sport TV channels and other platforms. Are you someone who regularly watches football news? In case you’re a big fan of football, have you ever wondered why this sport is considered to be one of the best?

Here are few reasons that make football the best sport in the world

  • Rivalry matches

Rivalry matches are the best episodes of Football seasons where two teams face each other. The entire game keeps the audience hooked to the game which makes it interesting to watch the game. The perfect example would be the Liverpool matches vs. Manchester United match that showcases the most successful club in English football.

  • Age is not a barrier

Football can be played by professionals of their age. Sports League athletics will have a certain age limit in which the player will not be able to play after a certain age. The youngest players of football have made a debate at the age of 17 and impressed the audience with their amazing performances.

  • Relegation

The relation is considered to be one of the unique features of football. The relegation system in football is a unique one where clubs will be able to face each other at the bottom of the table which is worth watching mainly because it has the relegation factor. The club that performs the worst will suffer the pain of relegation.

  • Competition across continents

Every continent plays football and also has a Continental competition to determine the best club. In Africa, America, and Asia the competition among these continents is called the Champions League. Champions League is watched to buy many people across continents which keeps them entertained throughout the competition. No other sport has driven this level of competition across continents other than football

In a nutshell, football is an entertaining sport which is enjoyed by most people all around the world. It has plenty of reasons to be the best sport. One of the main reasons why football became a popular sport was through the FIFA World Cup.