For all sports players, it is important to wear the right gear or equipment in order to protect themselves from injuries and play the game well and with confidence. You must know that on a soccer field, a goalkeeper is the player that is allowed to use his hands to handle the ball. This amazing capability of any goalkeeper simply means that they need special equipment to safely, confidently, and efficiently handle the ball. The equipment is called goalkeeper glove.

However, most of you get totally confused when it comes to choosing a pair of good gloves; therefore it is very important to learn how to choose the best and right goalie gloves for your next soccer match. It is also essential to buy the correct hand size, check durability and must be comfortable as well. There are several types of goalkeeper gloves, you can choose as per your requirement, such as protection gloves, weather-proof gloves, match gloves and training gloves.

Here is your guide to buy the right goalkeeper gloves:

  • Fits and cuts

The fit and cut of the soccer glovesis the way in which the material is manufactured.

  • Flat: It is the most traditional type of cut of gloves.
  • Negative: This kind of cut has fingers sewn from the inside part, offers snuggest fit of the glove. It is mainly for thinner hands.
  • Gunn/Rolled: The palm sides are rolled around neatly and stitched towards the back of the fingers, giving a tighter fit.
  • Hybrid: These cuts are a combination of both Gunn/rolled and negative cuts.
  • Construction

The goalkeeper gloveis comprised of 4 different parts that all have specific functions to perform.

  • Fingers: A goalie’s fingers are their best defense mechanism, because they allow for holding and grasping onto the ball. These finger protection gloves have spines on the inner part of the fingers, helping finger support. For maximum finger protection, find gloves which are bendable, have plastic support as compared to just being padded. This will majorly help to prevent injuries and strains.
  • Backhand: These are significantly padded kinds to shield your hand while punching the ball. Their quality rests on its cost.
  • Palm: The palm part also supports in catching and then securing the ball. They are available in 2 textures: dimpled and smooth.
  • Closure: This part secures your glove tightly to your hand and is made of 3 types: v-notch, hook and loop, and bandage.
  • Types
  • Training: These are meant for beginners and for practicing requirements of elite players.
  • Match: These goalie gloves are basically designed for all competitive players in adult leagues or high school.
  • Weather: These gloves are designed to be worn occasionally, as they are manufactured to protect the players’ hands from extreme wind and water conditions.

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