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Minecraft is among the most loved video games by kids. In Minecraft video games, the players are required to build and create particular types of blocks. The video game is set in a three-dimensional world, giving the players an authentic experience. The games are all about creativity and survival. 

When it comes to survival, the players are required to find buildings or shelter and their food supplies. In the process, they encounter obstacles such as moving creatures and mobs. In the creative element of the game, the players need to know how to utilize the available resources to survive. Minecraft games are for building and exploring, with the result of survival. 

What do the kids need to play Minecraft games?

Worth noting is that the game is not necessarily demanding in the graphics area. However, for a seamless gaming experience, a relatively powerful laptop may be needed. The best laptops for Minecraft have an Intel® Core™ i3 processor and 4GB RAMM. 

What is the recommended age for Minecraft? 

An interesting fact is that Minecraft is among the first games that most kids have played online. That is pretty much because it is not so hard to understand. Kids around eight years can easily navigate it. Also, not that some elements are locked for players below the age of 13. For instance, they may not be able to make in-game purchases. 

Also, parents are allowed to change the games’ setting to be comfortable with what their children can do on the platform. The controls go a long way in ensuring your child can access what you prefer.

Is the game violent?

If we are not careful with the kind of video games our kids play, we may have to deal with their aggression later in life. This is why it is vital to ensure that the games our kids interact with are not violent. It is normal for parents to have concerns about whether the game is safe for kids.

Minecraft is not violent, and parents should have no worries about the influence the game might have on their kids in the future. The elements of the game are cartoonish and do not depict any serious aggression. 

Also, the very mild violence can easily be changed in the settings by changing the difficulty level. If you want no monsters appearing in the game, that can be done too. 

Benefits of Minecraft to kids

Minecraft can contribute positively to the growth and development of your child. It has been applauded as one of the most educational video games available. 

It can improve your child’s problem-solving skills, enhance their reading skills, and even solve math problems. 

It teaches kids how to manage resources and also challenges their creativity. It is also great for kids who are interested in coding.

Take away

Parents need to be intentional as they choose games for their kids. Give them access to things that will contribute positively to their development. Minecraft is a safe and exciting game for kids that also carries so much educational value.