Among the money-making industries, casinos are the largest. As if that’s not enough, it is the largest platform where people exchange their money. Sometimes people lose while others gain when playing games in the casinos. This is one part of the industry. Regardless of the happenings, casinos must ensure that the money exchanged is legit. Such places create a rich ground for counterfeits and unless the management is vigilant, such dirty businesses can happen here. Casinos must ensure the money coming in is not fake. Otherwise, they can suffer massive losses and this will bring bad results. Everything must be done to keep counterfeits away. Here are some ways casinos determine if bills are legit or fake.

Using Light

Some skilled individuals have handled bills for a long time. They can know a counterfeit by simply holding it to the light. Such people have gone through training to thoroughly inspect a bill to know whether it counterfeit or legit. They perform this in a quick way such that players have enough time to continue with their games. This is an important precaution that every bill must pass through inspection.

Using a Special Pen

There are also special pens used in determining if money is legitimate or fake. This is regardless of how small or large the bill is. The bottom line is to eliminate all counterfeits that may bring prospect problems. Many workers in casinos have been through training to help them identify any counterfeits. The training is crucial, considering that the biggest activity in casinos is handling money.

Specialized Machines

The above tricks are ideal for checking counterfeits. However, they may not be effective when handling a large amount of money. Therefore, technology has produced specialized machines to help casinos and other industries detect counterfeits easily. These machines have powerful scanners that thoroughly check the money. You may not know how to tell if a 100-dollar bill is real with your bare eyes. However, the machine can tell and spit out anything that seems suspicious.

The ultraviolet checker is one of the special devices that speedily identify fake bills. The best thing about this device is that it can check several bills at once. The person in control looks for the strip or the fluorescent. If the two there, then the bill is fake.

High-Tech Cameras

Most casinos install high-tech cameras. These cams record every activity and zoom on any person. They can also be able to zoom on the money a customer is carrying and if the money or the person looks suspicious, the people in the watch room can get them on time. The cameras’ role is to capture any unusual activity and keep the situation at bay before things go out of hand.


Casinos offer one of the safest grounds for exchanging money. The management instills specific precautions to ensure fake money hardly gets in. Since they understand the impact that counterfeits can bring, they ensure they hire trained workers who know how to handle money. They also spend a lot of money on buying machines that help in identifying the fake bills easily.