Every dirt bike owner has applied dirtbike graphics on their bikes at least once. While pasting those graphics is pretty tough, removing those dirt bike graphics is even more challenging. Those stickers must be removed properly so that the surface remains clean. Doing that can help you to paste another set of graphic designs into the same space. Besides, you must check that the plastics are in proper shapes and sizes. There must be no scratches on the plastic as well. It is better to buy new sets of plastics after removing the previous dirtbike graphics.

You will require a set of tools to remove the dirt bike graphics. The set includes:

1.          A heat gun or a dryer.

2.         A group of brake cleaners or goof-offs.

3.         Soap water or detergent water.

The Steps Are:-

Step 1

Use the hairdryer or the heat gun on top of the dirtbike graphics. It will help the glue soften. The sticky residue can be removed appropriately only if the bond is mild and less gummy. The sticker needs to be scratched out completely.

Step 2

It is essential to remove the residue so that new stickers can be applied without hesitance. Brake Cleaner and Goof Offs are the ideal cleaners that can clean the gooey leftovers. Spray the cleaners properly since it tends to destroy the plastics. If there is a little bit of residue left on areas, you cannot use the cleaner. Use a rag.

Step 3 

The next step is essential in this process. Use soapy water to clean the plastics accurately. You can prepare a proper mixture so that it works as a cleaner. The mixture must contain 16 oz of water and two drops of liquid soap. You must make sure to use a rag so that the plastic can be clean.

Step 4

Keep the new plastic at a place that has a neutral temperature. Remove the elements of oil, sediments, or grease on the bike so that the sticker is applied correctly.

Step 5 

New stickers must not be applied to the hot surface of the bikes. If it is done, the graphic sticker can be destroyed.

Step 6

Forcing air bubbles can bring about cracks in the graphics. Attach the design properly on a dry and cool surface. Notice the minor fits so that the sticker can be applied accurately.

Step 7

Spot the trim lines of the stickers so that they can be adjusted to the bike properly.

Step 8

Neutral spaces must be found to store the designs correctly. Exposure to low and high temperatures can destroy the patterns.

Step 9 

After you have applied the sticker, do not use soap water or hot water in the sticker. This can ruin the newness of the stickers.

Step 10

Clean the new sticker with a soft rag so that no extras are found on the graphics.

So, that is how you can remove the dirtbike graphics properly to apply a new design.