Archery is the most fun summer activity. There are inspirational archery players who amuse everyone with their game. All their bow shooting techniques are amusing. Some archers pay attention to even the smallest of details when shooting the bow.

The sport is all about accuracy. You are getting a tight grip of the bow, and being consistent matters the most in archery. If you are trying to improve your bow shooting skills, then here are some useful tips. You can learn the best tips for recurve bow shooting tips

  1. Choose a bow that fits you.

Picking the right bow is the most crucial step. Like a pair of hiking shoes or a golf club, the right bow is essential for archery. The bow should match your height; it should have a perfect draw and the right weight.

Many archery stores provide the perfect bow that suits you. There are even plenty of bow varieties that fit your budget. You can choose a bow based on your archery skills and body type. 

The recurve bow is long and curved in the end. The heavier recurve bows are suitable for professionals. If you are a beginner, then choose a recurve bow that you can handle. 

  • Focusing on the proper stance 

It may seem very basic to stand and shoot. More than this, there is a lot of things to pay attention to in bow shooting. Your feet position, lower body position, upper body position, hand position, eyesight position, and concentration matters a lot for bow shooting.

The way you stand can help you to be consistent when shooting the bow. There are plenty of stances in bow shooting. You can try out the effective square stance technique to shoot the bow. It is one of the best recurve bow shooting tips that work for many. 

  • Aligning the upper body 

When shooting a recurve bow, the shoulder bone should be like a straight line. The position of the shoulder bone supports the weight of the recurve bow. Do not overextend or underextend your shoulder bone when shooting the bow.

 Both the back and front shoulders should be in the right alignment. Also, for recurve bow shooting, your upper body should form the T structure.

It is the perfect posture to shoot the bow accurately. You can do exercises to fix your body posture. Aligning the upper body is another best recurve bow shooting tip.

  • Identify the anchor point.

One of the basics of recurve bow shooting is finding an anchor point. It is a place where you need to draw the bowstring to the face and rest your hands to shoot.

The best anchor point in recurve bow shooting is the index finger meeting the corner of your mouth. This position should be firm and consistent.

If the anchor point moves then, you can hit the arrow in low range. Therefore, identify the anchor point in the recurve bow shooting. 

Releasing the arrow smoothly.

The best part of recurve shooting is releasing the arrow. It is the time where you free the arrow. To hit the arrow in the right spot, you need to release it cleanly. Minimize the movements in the bowstring and go for the target.


The recurve bow shooting is one of the most sophisticated archery. You can do it right with the above five tips and consistent practice.