Indeed, the game of poker is not only based on luck, a player must have some significant skills to win a match. If you consider an online poker game, then issues like, security, player anonymity, rake, etc. also needed to consider. For this reason, nowadays, bitcoin-based poker games are getting accepted further. Moreover, among all the game provides, you can trust the Torpoker. If you want to play a safe poker game online, then you should browse the website and start immediately.

Poker game trends: 

Nowadays, the market for online poker is moderately high with thousands of players is shifting to the online version of the game for obvious reasons. The online poker application is growing one of the most popular areas in the online gaming world. Because it not only has entertainment but also anyone can make huge money. Signifying an authentic money sport, online poker has more potential to encourage people to earn money by utilizing their intelligence and skills. For that, people have begun noticing it as a competing sport that examines not only the skills but also the depth of the cognizance.

The passion for online poker is rising as the real formats are being developed simultaneously with the influx of new items. There is an entirely innovative level of user commitment with in-app investing, and actual money as prizes. Besides, the safety and security in making digital payments are improving immensely which encourages other players to reconsider online poker as a sober means to earn wealth.

Additionally, the game developers of the online poker platforms are also blending innovative compositions to make the play interesting for amateurs and pro players. For instance, some have added a Live Audio Video chat option, thus all the active players in the table can interact with each other. When the players have the option to interact and at the same time play poker at the table, it went to the next level. Some online poker game providers also introduced their smartphone apps, thus the game can continue, even on the go. Some leading online poker companies also provide real-time live dealers, who can monitor the game and communicate with others. This way, the online poker gaming experience can act as a real poker game to the players. Luckily, these concepts convert the boring online gaming setups toward real-world possibilities that more effective in accelerating towards the adulthood of the online poker industry.

By following the trend, the Torpoker also introduced bitcoin gaming. Now the cryptocurrency market is booming. To play the online poker game, you don’t need any app for the Torpoker. You may use the official software surely, but that’s optional. The bitcoin gaming method adds a layer of security as well as anonymity. 

Things necessitate being acknowledged: 

A bitcoin poker or bitcoin poker game should be clear. So that the Torpoker uses an open-source code that is available to all for security check. The beauty of open-source is if any bug or error occurs, the community will find a patch ASAP. Besides, player anonymity is a critical thing. The internet is a jungle and hackers or predators are waiting to eat the players alive! Secondly, scammers are everywhere waiting for your money. For this reason, when anyone is playing online poker, they have to consider these things. Newer or younger players – who just play for enjoyment – are reaching poker using their smartphones. Being amateur players, they are contributing significantly shorter time securing bets and expecting the perfect hand to develop. But for a poker player, having a calm mind is always necessary, if they want to win a game!

Rake compare: 

The rake is like a commission taken by the game organizer or game server owner. It is commonly 2% to 10% of the pot. For any poker hand, they can also charge up to a predetermined value. However, some non-percentage ways are also used by the different game organizers. This means, sometimes they also may charge you approximately 20-30% if they want. This is why when you and playing online poker, you need to remember- the house always wins. But this is not the case with Torpoker! They charge a flat 1% as rake commission. This ad-free platform always on the side of the player and wants the betterment of the game. The motto of Torpoker is- ‘Play more and win more!’ If you consider different online poker platforms, let’s have a look at their rakes. The PokerStars takes 2.52% to 3.23%, GGNetwork charges 3.57% to 4.80%, Party Gaming gains 2.62% to 4.61%, and Global Poker commands 2.62% to 4.61% as rake commission. Now when you consider 1% from Torpoker, you already and immediately get the point.

Why Torpoker?

The Torpoker offers public servers as well as the option for private servers. If you like to have a private high roller game, just for some of your insider friends, you can have that using the Torpoker platform. You can easily rent a server from Torpoker and host your private game, as long as you can. The rake is so much lower than other online poker platforms and they are willing to keep that this way. Surely, when you are paying just 1% as rake, all of your winnings are yours. The money transfer is also instant. After the game ends, you can easily withdraw the prize money to your respective bitcoin wallet address. 


Ultimately, the online poker market is now expecting a definite rise in business because of the pandemic and continued lockdown orders by the different governments. Online poker is not just a well-placed source of earning money while you are at home, but it also refreshes your mind too. If you are not comfortable with real money games, you can try the different amateur poker games for practice. The pro players also adopted the online version of poker due to the shutdown of real casinos including gaming zones. For the coming months, it seems online poker gaming will become highly competitive and crowded with players from everywhere. The global fan-base for online poker games aka Torpoker is increasing rapidly. It’s time for you to join and perform smartly!