Most people who play slots are not aware of some important tips of the game which every slot player should know while playing in casino Metropol giriş. Here are some of the tips which you must be aware of when playing slots in online casinos.

Beware of false tricks

Some players may claim that it is possible to control the landing of the jackpots by studying the spin of the reel. This is one of the many false theories regarding slots. Any professional slot player can easily tell that the spinning of the reels is completely random and there is no way to identify the right time of landing the perfect pay line. In online casino slots, electronic software is used to determine the symbols where the reel will land. As soon as you click the spin button, the system randomly chooses a symbol. The near misses and the spinning reels on the screen are just animations to keep the players entertained and provide the players with an experience of a live casino.

Know the Payout Percentages

In slots, there are terms known as return to player (RTP) percentage or house edge, or the payout percentage. It can be understood as the percentage of advantage that the casino has over a player winning. The percentage is calculated by taking thousands of reel spins into consideration to provide an average of the percentage of the money which is returned to the player by the machine. The higher the percentage, the better it is. RTP is a great tool to determine the right kind of machines for a player. It will give a rough idea about the slots which have the best bet of getting a payout. The average RTP ranges from 93-95% which can also go as high as 99%.

Calculate Variance

Variance in slots refers to the frequency of payout by a particular slot and the amount of payment. Variance, volatility, and payout frequency are the same. Slots with low variance have a high chance of winning frequently but have smaller payouts. On the other hand, slots with high volatility offer huge jackpots, while the chances of winning are less. The variance would help you identify the game which matches your bankroll and your gameplay. Without knowing the variance, you may end up paying for a huge jackpot while having a small payroll, which will be a waste of your bankroll. The variance is not listed by the pay tables but you can easily find them in online slot reviews or even calculate them by yourself.


These tips will certainly help you when you play your next slot game in casino Metropol giriş.