Playing poker is the dream of many. You can it online on the website or install the app. For installing the app, you need to download it on your device. With the app installed on your device, you can play poker anytime. 

If you are new, you need to learn the poker rules before you start playing them online. 

How to play poker online?

The first round of the poker games starts when the player left to the dealer places small Blind and the one who is sitting to his left places the Big Blind. Then, every player places a minimum amount, as much as the big Blind. Once all the players put the pot’s amount, the first three cards get revealed, called the flop. 

The other round of betting starts, where the fourth card gets revealed, called as turn. Later, the fifth or river card gets revealed. Those who have the best five-card hand become the winner and collect the money of the pot.

Poker card sequence

The poker sequence is as follows:

•    Royal Flush

•    Straight Flush

•    Four of a Kind (Quads)

•    Full House or Full Boat

•    Flush

•    Straight

•    Three of a Kind/ Set

•    Two Pair

•    One Pair

•    High Card

Stages of poker game

Poker has four rounds of betting. The first thing is to play Blind Bet. The first player becomes the dealer. The game starts with the person sitting left to the dealer button. 

Blinds: The two players sitting to the left of the dealer make small and big blind, respectively. The amount of big Blind is double the amount of the small one. 

Pre-Flop: Each player gets two cards back up. These cards are called hole cards. The player sitting to the left of the player who plays Big Blind can start betting. This player can do one of the following:

Call – play the same amount bet in the Big Blind.

Raise – increase the amount of the bet

Fold – discards the cards. 

Every player can take these decisions when they get their turn. 

Flop: In this round, the dealer provides three community cards. They can use these cards to make a five-card hand. 

Turn: In this round, the dealer reveals the fourth Community Card, face-up on the table, and then the third round of betting begins. 

River: In this final round, the dealer reveals the fifth and the final Community Card. 

Showdown: if all the bets are equal, the players need to show the cards. The last player of the final betting round who raised should show the cards. The other players also offer their cards in a clockwise direction. Those who have the best five-card hand gets crowned as the winner and takes the pot. If two players hold the same hand, both can divide the pot’s money between them. 

While poker beginners are still learning the rules, rankings, and poker hands, many amateurs play poker many times. 

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