Madras High Court released a law that renders online gambling and betting illegal, and people caught doing so will be allocated a fine of up to 5000 INR, and they shall also face jail time of around six months. Game developers and operators will be issued double the fine and a long two years of jail time.

The Tamil Nadu government was countered on the point that Rummy needs the skill to play, and hence it cannot be banned.

The road to bans

India’s history with gambling runs deep and long. After the entire world moved to the internet, so did gambling. What was limited to certain areas and subject to restriction now became widely available. To say the least, the online scene of betting and gambling has been targeted by various states many times, forcing bans on them. States like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana go the extra step by even banning online games and not just betting; Karnataka also is likely going to head in the same direction.

Additionally, states like UP, Punjab, and MP have issued an act called the Public Gaming Act, which prohibits gambling except in lotteries and games that require a skill. Madras High Court is quite notorious for its extreme bias against online gambling. They have gone as far as to reprimand well-known sports personalities like Virat Kohli, Saurav Ganguly, and Sachin Tendulkar for promoting online games that need money.

A blurry line

The line between what takes skill and what takes luck is not that well defined. Supposedly, fantasy sports is a skill-based game but Sicbo Online is a luck-based game, But the definitions are twisted as we move from state to state, like Tamil Nadu banned not only online gambling games, while Andhra Pradesh banned fantasy sports along with gambling games. Google had retracted the online gaming app made by Paytm as they were using a cash-based system, which stood in violation of Google’s policies against gambling.

Benefits of Gambling online

Among various reasons why some government bodies are hell-bent on banning online gambling and betting as a change of pace and perspective, let’s look at a few plus sides to gambling online.

Winning a jackpot is a very thrilling experience; it will produce serotonin, which is the happy hormone of our bodies and accordingly and can bring joy to people. Spending your winnings is also a top contender for satisfying things to do.

Another merit is the sense of relaxation one derives from gambling from the safe space of their homes. Since online gambling does not involve traveling, it not only saves money but can also be a source of free enjoyment for various people.

Lastly, online gambling can be enjoyed by a whole range of people. Unlike the offline casinos that already have predefined stakes, online versions that hold multiple varieties of games, one can personally set the stakes they would like to play, giving users more freedom and a more relaxing experience.

Going Ahead

Various government agencies are looking for ways to develop safety regulations to increase online gaming and gambling commucommunity’sty and legality—methods beyond merely banning them. Sometimes, they can be used to generate massive amounts of revenue.