The Europa League is one of the biggest tournaments that feature some of the famous football clubs from all around the European continent. This League has a separate fan base from all around the globe because people get to watch good quality football games. This tournament was established in 1971 and ever since then, 27 clubs were able to win the title out of which 12 teams have managed to secure this title more than once. Some of the popular teams include- Chelsea, Liverpool, Ajax, and Real Madrid to name a few! There’s a reason why Europa League has a fan base from all over the world.  Let’s take a look at these reasons! 

Presence of large number of teams– 

At the Group Stage, a total of 48 teams are present out of which 32 needs to enter by qualifying the rounds and the rest 16 gets direct entry t the groups. On the other hand, Champions League has got 32 teams only out of which 22 teams directly goes into the group stage whereas the rest 10 teams have to qualify the rounds to enter the group. From Group stage onwards, the Europa League has a total of 133 games and this also include the qualification games. But in case of Champions League, people get to enjoy 77 games only (including qualifier games)! 

High quality football clubs– 

The die-hard football lovers gets to enjoy high-quality games because of the presence of some of the top teams of Europe- Manchester United, or Ajax competing with some other powerhouses of Europe like Fiorentina, Feyenoord, Schalke 04 and many others! These teams are far more better the in terms of quality than the teams playing in the Champions League- Dinamo Zagreb, FC Rostov, Ludogorets to name a few! 

Nail biting matches– 

Because of highly experienced playing teams in Europa League; it’s very difficult to predict the outcome of the game! You get to witness nail-biting matches as you cannot make out what will happen at the last moment! For example, in the 2014-2015 season, FC Dnipro, in spite of making to the finals got defeated by Sevilla, which is the only team in Europa League to win the title for three times in a row! Despite having teams like Real Madrid, or Barcelona, none of the teams in Champions League could win the trophy for two successive seasons. 

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