The first element that must be identified to understand how generous a slot is must be sought in the technical characteristics. But don’t worry: you don’t have to become a software wizard to find the most profitable roller machines, because you just need to look for the RTP, a value expressed as a percentage. What does RTP stand for? Simply Return To Player, or rather return to the player. In other words, it indicates in what percentage the sum of the bets made is returned to the players. Obviously, we always refer to slots present in AAMS casinos, i.e. authorized to play. Without this essential condition, we can’t even talk about the performance of a slot!

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The RTP in the slots

Speaking of licensed casinos, it is important to remember one detail: it is mandatory for every virtual casino to publish the RTP of a slot. This is precisely because it is a key element in evaluating that game. Once we know the RTP of the slot we are interested in, how to understand if compared to the average it can be considered interesting? Well, experience will be your best teacher. If you want to speed up the timing, keep in mind that higher tier slots have an RTP of over 90%: this means that if 10,000 Dollars are played on that slot at the end of the day, at least 9,000 is returned to the player in the form of winnings. The rest, of course, remains at the agen idn slot casino.

Obviously, this does not mean that all players will have the opportunity to compete for that 95%: the beauty is just that! It is up to the individual player, his skill and his luck to try to participate in the sharing of this decidedly delicious cake.

But be careful: the RTP is a theoretical value. This means that in order for the indicated percentage to be effective, players should at least respect the following conditions in their bets:

  • Activate all payment lines;
  • Make a maximum bet for each bet;
  • Play for a medium to long period of time.

As you can imagine, these are conditions that do not always occur: the real RTP therefore risks being lower than that indicated by the slot. However, the usefulness of the percentage remains present, as the higher or lower percentage is always compared to other slots with an RTP calculated in the same way.

Count the Bonus Offered

It is at this point that it can make sense to evaluate the performance of a agen idn slot also based on the bonuses offered. In fact, as you already know, the bonus must be played a certain number of times to be actually withdrawn, and at a certain point you will have to bet out of your own pocket: you can evaluate the relative convenience above all on the basis of the RTP.

The Parlay system in the slots

Playing slots in is the favorite pastime of virtual players, not only in Italy but all over the world. This is revealed by the statistics, which see the number of roller machine enthusiasts growing exponentially, year after year, thanks to the ease of being able to connect from their PC or smartphone, the increasingly better quality of the software and the chances of winning high even with small bets. In short, there are all the ingredients to break the hearts of even the most demanding players.