If you are considering about setting up flooring for gym, in order to refurbish your present flooring for creating a better fitness facility then you must plan earlier. Often it has been seen that people consider buying gym flooring until the last moment. 

Gym or fitness flooring has certain specialty, almost like the specification available for free weights, functional or cardio zones. 

Therefore, gym flooring as a matter of fact, should be your part of early planning while refurbishing your gym space. Flooring Domain also deals with various kinds of flooring material including for gym too.

Usually the following types of flooring will be used for the gym: 

  • Rubber mats/tiles
  • Rubber flooring rolls
  • Interlocking foam mats/tiles
  • Cushioned PVC tiles meant for basketball courts
  • Gym mats e.g. tumble, folding/landing crash mats

However, here in this article we shall discuss about 3 functional gym flooring.

  1. Fitness flooring

This flooring type should be high performing and versatile. The flooring needed for this here will protect your floor underneath and offer for all equipment certain impact absorption. Often, this area may have markings and cut into flooring like movement circles and ladders.  

Also, in areas where heavy weights will be used, tiles between 6 and 10mm are recommended for protecting the equipment and floor from accidental impact.

Another important feature of such flooring type is that it must be moisture resistant. While rubber flooring tiles usually are not sufficiently water resistant and hence it may lead to certain unpleasant or unhygienic environment. Also, there is a need for good grip level so that dynamic movements are performed safely.

  1. Free weights flooring

For any area where heavyweights are always a possibility of getting dropped, certain specific free weight flooring will be necessary. We will recommend for thickest free weight flooring for both home/commercial application and should be minimum of 20 mm thickness.

Free Weight flooring usually is considered to be the heaviest types of flooring that are available and can withstand any largest impact or volume of wear. 

In case, you are in residential environment or if you are surrounded by quieter areas of sports centre or any office block, then the clutter and vibration of weights that is hitting the ground may be extremely off-putting. Any good quality of free weights flooring can minimise vibrations and also reduce noise of impact.

  1. Interlocking gym flooring

One of the very popular solutions for home/commercial gyms is interlocking type of gym floor mats. They can easily be laid and offer simple way to provide your space a little protective covering. 

You can get interlocking tile options for meeting many different needs. Few budget options available from EVA foam will be too cheap and also effective solution to cover home gym, which is used for any light weights or cardio training. Normally, rubber interlocking tiles will be little expensive, but also more durable as compared to EVA.

In few places, people opt for hard wearing type of thin carpet under the fixed resistance machines. Difficulties that you may face while using carpeted areas will be during cleaning as compared to solid flooring.