Do you want some good news on the employment front? Here it is: you can get employee benefits on many part-time jobs.

Most people assume that employee benefits mean full time employment only, but that assumption is proving increasingly false. Part-time employment is becoming more normal all the time as employers look to cut costs. But even as they look to reduce costs they still need to attract talented workers, and that often means providing benefits to their growing army of part-timers. In addition, many of the companies that pay benefits run largely—or even predominantly—on part-time staff. What better way to keep reliable people around (and reduce hiring and training costs) than by offering benefit packages?

In fact, according to the US Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, 39% of employers offer retirement benefits to part-timers, 24% provide health insurance, 15% provide life insurance and 37% provide paid vacation time. And those are the numbers for private sector employers—government jobs are generally far more likely to provide benefits.

Common employers who offer benefits to part-timers

There are a surprising number of popular employers who provide benefits to part-time employees. Here are 13 employers and a sample of the benefits each provides for part-timers—there’s an excellent chance that several are located where you live:

JP Morgan Chase

Benefits provided: medical, dental and vision insurance, life insurance and 401K (all after 90 days of employment). There are a host of other benefits that a part-timer may be entitled to, though the website doesn’t indicate specifically.


Benefits provided: 401K, health insurance, discounted stock purchase plan, tuition assistance and adoption assistance.

Whole Foods

Benefits provided: paid time off, 20% in store discounts for employee and immediate family members, profit sharing (“Gainsharing”), discount company stock purchase plan, and company stock option plan.

Barnes & Noble

Benefits provided: medical and dental insurance, 401K, 30% discount on their books (of course!) and paid time off.


Benefits provided: medical, dental, accident and life insurance coverage even for temporary and seasonal employees, or those who work less than 20 hours per week. The company pays 60% of the cost of medical and the entire premiums for accidental and life coverage. There’s also a hint that part-timers may be eligible for discounts on company products (the product and service selection is wide) of up to 50%.

Home Depot

Benefits provided: medical, dental and vision insurance, short term disability and life insurance.


Benefits provided: health insurance (extending to family members) and $4 co-pays on “more than 2,000 generic prescriptions”; a full range of benefits, including an employee stock purchase plan and 401K, but it isn’t clear if (and when) these benefits extend to part-time employees.


Benefits provided: the company website states “UPS is one of only a few companies offering its part-time employees full benefits, from medical/dental coverage to tuition assistance.”


Benefits provided: The company website doesn’t specifically indicate benefits paid to part-timers but the retailer keeps coming up on lists of employers who do. Based on the website, those benefits are extensive, but which ones and to what degree they’re available to part-timers may vary from store to store (which isn’t unusual among retailers).

Aerotek (temporary agency)

Benefits provided: medical, dental and vision coverage for employee, spouse and children up to age 25. Eligible for contract employees working a minimum of 20 hours per week. Other benefits are available depending on the office location.


Benefits provided: paid vacation, 15% in-store discounts (20% on company brands), Flexible Spending Account for out of pocket medical and dependent care expenses, profit sharing and employee stock purchase program (10% discount on company stock).


Benefits provided: “part-time or limited benefit (pays up to a flat amount for certain medical procedures) package based on average hours worked and position at Target” are available to part-timers. 10% employee discount that includes the pharmacy.

Municipal and county government jobs

Many county and local governments provide benefits to part-time employees. Henrico County, Virginia, for example, has a full menu of benefits, including paid holidays and sick time, deferred compensation, healthcare (minimum 20 hours per week) and dental coverage.

Never assume that an employer—especially a large one—doesn’t offer benefits to part-time employees. In fact, it’s a solid bet that the competitors of each of these companies are providing similar benefits as a way of completing for employee talent. In many cases the benefits won’t be as comprehensive as those offered to full time employees, but in general this will be a much more cost effective way of having benefits than having to get them on your own.