Roulette use to be amongst the most widespread casino games. It offers a unique thrill and a bit of uncertainty. The roulette wheel has become a recognized symbol of casino gambling. Online roulette stands out from other games not only with an interesting story and several variants of the game, also in the live version, but also has simple rules that can be learned by anyone, even a beginner. In addition, online roulette is characterized by high winning options, the possibility of placing various types of bets, as well as a chance to win the jackpot.

The most popular Roulette Types

Playing roulette is based on the rules of randomness. However, in order of playing roulette online consciously, it is worth knowing the differences that exist in different types of roulette. They result from two physical variants of the roulette wheel: the American and European versions. Subsequent versions of the game are simply modifications of individual stages of the game (e.g. the way of placing bets), so before starting the game, it is worth understanding how these cultural differences affect the chance of winning.

How to Play Roulette

Learning roulette playing online happens to be cooler than several other casino games. The roulette round is played by players who place bets to predict where the ball will land when it spins on the big wheel.

The person of the dealer plays a large role in  judi roulette online. He starts the game by saying the words “You can bet”. At this point, all players begin placing bets in a special place on the table.. In short, the board has all the numbers on the circle, divided into three columns, from left to right. To bet on a given number or group of numbers, it is enough to place the chips directly on the field corresponding to the given numbers.

After all players have placed their bets, the dealer starts spinning the wheel. He then throws a small ball in the opposite direction to the wheel’s rotation. Some versions of roulette allow the dealer to “buy” the possibility of throwing the ball over the roulette field chosen by the player.