The onset of the Premier League happened in the year 1992. It preceded the football game event that was also known by the name First Division Football League, and this was founded in the year 1888. From the time it was introduced to the world of football, the Premier League has become the most viewed and eagerly awaited game event in the whole world.

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History of Premier League Football Game

The history of the league dates back to 1985 – 86, when the league actually started as the football game between the biggest clubs at that time. When the football events were organised between these clubs, there was no TV coverage at that time and no game issue was easily settled between these sports. This is when the requirement of an independent league became mandatory.


As the football Premier League became quite famous in the world of football, the players from different teams were started being auctioned and were bought or sold between the teams. The basic cost of purchasing or even selling any player reached millions of pounds.

Timeline Overview

1888 – This is the year when a Football League was established.

1946 – The league was restored, after the aftereffects of WWII were handled systematically.

1992 – This is the year when the name “Premier League” was given to the football league.

1995 – The Premier League ended up with reducing the number of clubs from 22 to 20 numbers.

The Premier League football event will have 4 different places for the teams. The winning team of the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup will become eligible to participate in the Europa League.