I have made some of my best memories with friends playing some classic PS2 football games. The PS2 was a console us 90s kids know very well. The memories made were priceless. Over the lifespan of the PS2, a number of marquee football games were produced, and we want to list three of the best. Kick back and prepare to relive some awesome moments.

1. 2K5 Football

The famous cover that featured T.O. is still regarded as the king of all football games ever made. Where do I start? The presentation was far superior to anything else out there. Chris Berman was an absolute joy to listen to. The weekly ESPN highlight show was so entertaining to watch and actually made the franchise mode feel much more authentic. The crib was such a cool feature that made the game feel much more personal to you. Wallpapers, couches, TVs, posters, and everything else gave you complete control to have the massive crib we always dreamed about. The trophy room was always fun to look at just to see the accomplishments you hit during the game. The phone would always ring with celebrities such as Steve-O, Carmen Electra, and a few others to play games against that were super competitive, but yet soothing.The franchise mode itself was just so well laid out and super addicting plus fun to play. The fantasy draft was always my favorite option, even if I always got the last pick. The options throughout the season were easy and fun to use. Some of the off season options such as free agency created some real feel and gave you a chance to boost your team. Of course, the draft was exciting as well. Drafting the better player required you to pay attention to details like stats, but also their size and measurables. To wrap things up, the classic games mode was one of the best features put in any football game. Games like the Ice Bowl, The Immaculate Reception and Music City Miracle are just a few of the games we are allowed to relive and find new and crazy ways to win the games. Time to hook up the PS2 and play the best football ever made! Also lets take a moment to shun EA sports, who basically stole the NFL rights from everybody and continued to produce a lame and boring game till this date.

2. NCAA Football 2005

For some reason, this year just really hits hard for me. Despite the impact player mode not being introduced until 2006, 2005 just had a number of great and exciting features. First, the cover featured arguably one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, Larry Fitzgerald. One thing the 2005 edition introduced was the stadium plus which really made the game have an authentic feel. The 25 toughest stadiums are loud, make the controller shake, and also make the camera shake. They even threw in the fans having their own reactions. All in all, it made a much more authentic college experience. The 2005 edition, like others, featured a great announcing team with cheesey, but good commentary. When I popped this for the first time in 10 years, it was kind of crazy to see my favorite team (Florida Gators) had all been named with their roster as of that year. Not sure if this was something everybody did, but shows much you could customize the game. Similar to previous years games, this edition had flow, but it seems so much smoother. With the stadium plus features, it just gave the game a smooth and exciting flow. Something 2005 had that later additions did not was classic teams. You can cycle through a massive list of old school teams from many different colleges. 2001 Miami Hurricanes and the 1997 Nebraska cornhuskers are just two of the many you can choose from. Lastly, like 2k5 Football, NCAA football features classics games that travels the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. If you are an avid fan, you will enjoy playing through these games.

3. Area Football: Road to Glory

I am not sure how many people actually played this game, but it is awesome. Area Football had a lot of followers back in the early 2000s which saw EA sports release this gem. The high flying, high scoring, and smashing people over the walls was just to much fun. If you are looking for something different to play, this is it. The game is pretty basic and easy to play, but I will note the presentation and user interference are awful. If you can get passed this, a fun and exciting game awaits. The season mode is like many others were you can select a team with hopes of winning the ArenaBowl. No deep building or anything like that, just an easy and basic season mode. I had to include this game as kind of a wild card.