The video assistant referee or VAR was introduced in the 2019/20 Premier League. Let’s find out how it affected the Premiere League matches this season.

VAR Impact On Premiere League

It is reported by ESPN that around 109 goals were decided by the technology. VAR is said to have ruled out around 55 goals. Only 10 goals were given to the players after it was decided by the referee. Not just that, but the technology also awarded around 22 penalties even after the referee was against it. It also terminated about 9 penalties that were awarded by the referee.

The system also ruled out 34 goals for offside and about 14 goals for handball. It awarded just 8 goals after the technology overturned the offside. The technology also issued a total of 9 red cards, while two overturned.

However, VAR gave birth to many controversies in this Premiere League. Despite that, it is still being used by the teams. In the upcoming season, the Premiere League is going to conduct a course correction that would help make VAR have more admirers.

FIFA said that VAR was a success in Russia. All it needed was just a fine-tuning to be more professional and effective. However, leading football teams seem to have a different opinion about the technology. They blame VAR to have disrupted the course of play in the field. They also said that it has disturbed the laws of the game.

According to many experts, the use of VAR in every season of Premiere League matches will increase the number of penalties and thus, increase the overall goal statistics. This may also affect the accumulated bets for bettors.

There is no denying that the use of VAR in the Premiere League matches has affected the teams in different ways. For instance, the technology proved to be a blessing for Manchester United. Even Brighton was benefitted a lot from technology. But on the other hand, Seagulls seemed to have been affected badly as they scored the lowest in the Premiere League this season.

If VAR is used in the matches, then it will also influence the wager for bettors. Therefore, you should choose your free accumulated bets carefully.