In this guide, we’re going to clarify how the authorities assign ratings, i.e., the criteria they used to ensure a reasonable as well as close competition in horse races.

What Is Handicapping?

In short, handicapping is where the most effective horses in the race are made to keep up added weights, in order to slow them down as well as create a more competitive race.

The quantity of more weight given to them is based upon the score they are designated by the authorities, which changes each week over their performance.

Designated weight is also relevant to the score of the various other equines. A steed with a rating of 130 will bring 10 pounds more weight than a steed with a rating of 120.

How Is a Ranking Determined?

Prior to a steed can be designated a rating, it needs to run a few races initially, to give the judges an idea of how rapid it is.

An official score will be designated after among the complying with occurrences:

  • It wins a race
  • It does not win three races, yet coatings in the top six in among those races

If any one of this is not by the horse, it should go on racing till it does. Yet if it races, a rating in between 0 to140 will be provided to flat race equines, as well as between 0-170 for dive race steeds.

The rankings are after that re-evaluated on a weekly basis, as well as could be raised or decreased based upon performance. Usually, if an equine is doing well as well as winning races, its handicap is going to go up. But if its efficiencies are bad, then the handicap will decrease.

It deserves mentioning that the Rating System Software also calculates the ratings depending over its very own version, as well as the rankings are usually more than the main numbers. Bettors like to keep an eye on these ratings also, to see if they can acquire an edge in any wagers they may make.

Competing Classifications

The rating a horse is designated will determine the type of race it is permitted to contend in. Class 1, as well as Conditions races, involve the greatest horses.

Within Class 1, there are a variety of teams; however, we do not need to bother with that.

Steeds are after that placed into Classes 2-7 based on their score:

  • Class 2– Handicaps of ranking 86-100, 91-105 as well as 96-110
  • Class 3– Handicaps of 76-90, as well as 81-95
  • Class 4– Handicaps of ranking 66-80, as well as 71-85
  • Class 5– Handicaps of score 56-70, as well as 61-75
  • Class 6– Handicaps of rating 46-60, as well as 51-65
  • Class 7– Handicaps of ranking 46-50