One of the best ways to earn money effortlessly is to play card games. Card games usually entail a lot of money against a little investment. In some cases without even any monetary investment one can earn money from playing and winning in card games. However, the key point in earning money from card games is to win the games. Now, the problem in winning card games such as poker, rummy, and all is that the odds are mostly against you. This is to say that you not only play against your competitors to win in a card game rather you play against the deck of cards itself. Thus, it becomes important to at least make the odds better by tampering with the deck of cards. People across the board thud use marked cards in this respect.

What are the different types of marked cards? How invisible ink marked cards work?

Now marked cards as the name may suggest is tampered by manufacturers to stand out. This is to say that marked cards are specially designed so that one can distinguish between two cards when playing it in the first place. Now there are basically two types of marked cards. The first type is visibly marked cards. These cards have a special type of design embedded in their regular ‘back of the card’ designs. This type of marked cards is very useful as only the cheater knows where to look for those special designs or inscriptions in the first place. On the other hand, there are invisible ink marked cards. This type of card has numbers and signs written on their backs by special invisible ink. Now many may think as to how to distinguish this type of invisible ink marked card? Well, the answer is by using infrared lenses or glasses. If the cheater wears infrared lenses then the writings on the back of the wall can very easily be red by them. Thus the invisible ink marked cards work in a pair. You will need decks of invisible ink marked cards as well as invisible ink to read them.

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